Sign in difficulties

In this world of usernames and passwords we understand there can be some issues with signing in. Here’s a few hints and tips:

  • Did you sign up with a typo in your email address, or an address different than the one you’re using to sign in? Try to find the confirmation email from when you signed up to verify the address you should be using.
  • Punctuation makes a difference. If you signed up with, but are trying to sign in with, our system will not consider those the same addresses.
  • The end of your email address matters. For example, and may be the same to Google, but our system will see them as different email addresses. 

If you forgot your password, we make resetting it easy! Click on our login page and click ‘Lost Password‘, type in your email address and you will receive a email from us within 5 minutes explaining how to reset your password.